Silver Point Rabbitry


New Zealands:

  • $25 each, without pedigree
  • $60 for a non-pedigreed breeding trio
  • $35 each, with a full pedigree
  • $85 for a full pedigreed breeding trio
(Prices may vary according to rabbits age and quality)
  • Meat: $2.00/live pound of rabbit


Netherland Dwarfs:

  • $25 each, without a pedigree
  • $40 for a non-pedigreed breeding pair

  • Pedigreed/Show/Brood quality ND's are individually priced according to the rabits color, quality, use, etc.  There are "package deals" on breeding pairs and breeding trios. 
  • Pet pricing may vary as well. 

Stud Services: 

If any breeder is interested in using one of our buck's stud service, we are open to arranging something.  Prices will vary according to the breed, etc.  Feel free to contact us for more info.

Waiting List, Desposits, Payment, and Pickup!

  • A "waiting list" will almost always be available on each litter.  There is no guarantee that we can produce exactly what you want, but we can put you on the waiting list and be hopeful!  No fee is needed until definite purchase is happening.
  • In order to reserve a rabbit, you must send a deposit of at least half of the total fee.  The rest can be paid at pick up.  Placing a deposit on the rabbit reserves is as yours until you are ready to take it home.   If a deposit is not made within a week, the rabbit will be put back up for sale. Deposits are non-refundable.
  • All kits will be available to be picked up AFTER the age of 8 weeks.
  • You must have the remainder of the payment of your rabbit at pick up/before it is in you possession   Otherwise you cannot take it home.
  • When you are ready to pick up your rabbit, we will gladly provide you with directions to the rabbitry.  Meeting at an easy find location is an option as well.
  • It is your responsibility to check over the rabbit for health and gender when you come to pick it up. 
  • We will not sell a sick rabbit, but it is your responsibility to examine the rabbit at pickup.
  • We do our best to produce good stock, but there is no guarantee that each animals will turn out to be of show quality. There will be no refunds or replacements once you have taken your rabbit and it is on your possession.  Although we do our best to keep our rabbits happy and healthy, we cannot guarantee the rabbits health or quality AFTER it has left the rabbitry.


Until then...feel free to contact me with questions or more information.

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