Silver Point Rabbitry

 New Zealands: 

  • Silver Point Shyla x Sessamen's Charlie. Born 4/30. 7 Available.  Will be ready to go the end of June.  Will be tattooed and gender determined at 6 weeks.  Full pedigrees available.  SHow quality/brood/pet/meat quality rabbits.

  Netherland Dwarfs:


  • J.P.J Endless Summer x JK BunnyTracks Joe Joe Jack. Born 4/27.  3 Available. From CBR, Love's, JPJ, Lot's-A-Hops, JK BunnyTracks, and Bun'nays lines.
-Smoked Pearl, Pet Price $30.  Brood w/ pedigree price $40.
-Siamese Sable 
-Blue. Pet Price $30(SOLD)


  • JK BunnyTracks Honey Bee x JK BunnyTracks Olympian. Born 4/29.  Ready to go the end of June. Tatooing and gender determination will be done at 6 weeks.  
Kits from this litter will make great show and brood bunnies.  Full Pedigrees available. From JK BunnyTracks, Laura and Ruth, and Olah lines.
-4 Lynx
-2 Cinnamon

  • Blue Eyed Blue Vienna Marked Buck. Both eyes are bright blue. Would make a great pet or breeding buck. BLUE EYE carrier. His mother is fully pedigreed(Blue Eyed white). Father is not (Smoked Pearl). He will be sold at brood price with the partial pedigree for $40. Pet pricing is $35. He comes from Adirondack, Megs, Blue Diamond, and Westover lines. His father is a purebred, nice buck....lines are traced back to import from Germany, but no pedigree record.

  •  Greenwood Gem's Sarai x Stone Grove's Quinn. Born 5/25.  3 available. So far it looks liek a Smoke Pearl, Siamese Sable, and Himilayan.  CHeck back for more info as they grow!

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